Whole Foods:  Standard Process
Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy, introduced by founder Dr. Royal Lee. Dr. Lee’s goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature- in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized. Dr. Lee believed that when nutrients remain intact and are not split from their natural associated synergists, known and unknown, bioactivity is markedly enhanced over isolated nutrients. Following this philosophy, small amounts of whole food concentrates will offer enhanced nutritional support compared to an isolated or fractionated vitamin. Standard Process products are built upon this holistic philosophy.
For example, Catalyn contains 15 whole food ingredients, including carrot root, which supplies more than 200 known phytonutrients, to support a healthy body. It’s the combination of these foods not just a single component, that provides the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you need to help maintain optimal health.

Apex Energetics
For over two decades, Apex has been on the cutting edge of complex Homeopathy, providing safe and effective formulas. As a result of their manufacturing process and highly dilute nature, homeopathic remedies are considered “ energetic”- their effects are manifested through “energy” rather than “mass,” especially as potency increases. 

HVS HomeoVitics was founded in 1979 by a pharmacist Allen M. Kratz. The original formulation line has remained unchanged for over thirty years and counting; a testament to the pioneering fortitude of Dr. Kratz.

Macro Pharma INTL.
An Oregon based company imports these original drainage remedies directly from Germany. Before a condition or disease fully develops, most patients will notice various symptoms. The majority of all symptoms relate directly to a decrease of circulation in the related organ system. Sluggish circulation in any organ tissue builds up cellular waste (metabolites) in the connective tissue that surrounds the cells. This cellular waste also hinders the absorption of nutrients. A clear pathway in the connective tissue guarantees healthy cell growth. Herbs that improve metabolic functions by increasing circulation are called “Drainage Remedies”

The Apex Nutritional Complexes is a series of products designed using methodical scientific analysis of various ingredients and their effect on optimizing the endocrine system. Each product includes a combination of herbal and/or nutritional compounds that are well researched for their effect on the endocrine system.
For example, "Oxicell" is a glutathione and superoxide dismutase antioxidant cream with a complex of other ingredients. Compounds are delivered through the skin into the bloodstream via liposome transport mechanisms "by-passing the digestive system" and getting more bang for your buck. Glutathione and SOD are considered the most powerful and vital antioxidants.

Systemic Formulas: "The Ones that work" Systemic Formulas are extremely effective and generally require smaller dosages than most nutritional support products. They are self limiting. They support and rebuild organ and body systems without requiring an endless supply of the same formula, month after month. Wheelwright combined herbs according to their bio-energetic compatibility, their ionization compatibility, and their ability to be synergistic. The result was that he was able to use powerful, therapeutic herbs in an unprecedented safe, gentle and effective way.

Systemic Formulas, through the pioneering work of A.S. Wheelwright, has been a leading force since 1965 in providing highly effective, herbal anti-parasitic formulas. Four main formulas: VRM1, VRM2, VRM3 and VRM4 are specific for parasites.

EPA: Supports a healthy heart and circulatory system, healthy triglyceride levels, proper immune function, promotes good mood and emotional well-being, and improves joint flexibility
DHA: Essential for healthy brain function, protects the aging mind, promotes good mood and emotional well-being, supports healthy visual and brain development in fetuses/infants, improves behavior, focus, and learning in children, and reduces harmful effects of stress.

Nordic Naturals is a research driven company, initiating numerous clinical studies every year, while expanding a growing portfolio of processing patents. They manufacture all of their products in Norway, where they adhere to the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing exceptional product purity and freshness levels. 

OmegaBrite  is a pharmaceutical-quality, concentrated high EPA omega -3 fatty acid supplement, from fish oil.  350 mg EPA/50 mg DHA. The highest EPA/DHA ratio in the industry.

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When you are looking for supplements,  whether it is vitamins, minerals or homeopathic remedies, your number one question is: Will this work for me?  Secondly, you want good quality at the best price. We use Nutrition Response Testing to answer the first question.  We know that there is no magic bullet that works for everyone.  We test you for the correct product or products before you buy anything.
We carry products from only reputable companies with proven track records. The most expensive supplement you buy is the one that doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, if doesn’t work, it is a total waste of money.  We have chosen to carry the following brands, because we believe they are the best.

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