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Donna S. Kile, D.C.

    Dr. Kile holds a Bachelor of Science degree from MTSU and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College. She has been licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee since 1984, the same year her first Practice opened near Oak Ridge. Twenty years later, due to health challenges, Dr. Kile, moved her Practice to Oliver Springs.

   She has extensive training in Functioning Endocrinology, Alternative Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Pediatric Adjustments and Total Body Modification and is a Member of the Guild, a multidiscipline group of Functional Medicine Practitioners.

   Following lengthy study and and numerous courses in natural therapy, Dr. Kile found her own healing and her Practice now has two of only six Master Clinicians of Nutrition Response Testing in East Tennessee. Dr. Kile is also one of only three qualified practitioners of Bio Cranial Techniques in East Tennessee, as well.

   In 2010, Dr. Kile returned to Oak Ridge to found the Agapé Healing Center in order to introduce this innovative technology into her Practice.


Welcome to Agapé Healing Center

Welcome to the Agapé Healing Center. Our goal is restoring health for patients of all ages, from the prenatal to the twilight years.

Whether your particular ailment requires chiropractic care, nutrition response testing, bio cranial (BCT), pregnancy or pediatric techniques, body cleansing or the implementation of a weight loss program - Dr. Donna Kile and her highly skilled team are dedicated to providing you with the most effective care possible through totally natural methods of treatment.

With over twenty six years of serving the residents of Anderson County, Dr. Kile continues to seek out the latest methods of natural treatments and consider them for her Practice. While recognizing that all healing ultimately comes from God, she and her staff know they are merely the instruments He uses to reach this goal. You can rest assured Dr. Kile and her team are very well qualified to implement the most appropriate treatment for your health challenge or injury.



I have had 2 pregnancies. The 1st resulted in a painful delivery with several complications. During this 2nd pregnancy I went regularly to the chiropractor. Before going I had several issues with hip pain and severe restless leg during the night. I also had frequent headaches, all of which greatly affected sleep.
Each appointment greatly improved the restless leg, hip pain and headaches. Sleep improved, This 2nd delivery was also quick and smooth with hardly any complications. At 34 weeks gestations the baby was still breech. Following one appointment, the very next day the baby’s presentation changed and he was head down! (this was confirmed by ultrasound that day!!!) Karyn Jones (Family Nurse Practitioner)

Hurting real bad, couldn’t hardly move, never thought a woman chiropractor could be as good as a man, was I ever wrong – she was better. That was in 1996- now it’s 2011 and she’s the only one that works on me. What makes her so good is THAT SHE CARES! Clyde E Garrett 3/4/2011

II had excruciating pain in right hip and leg, (sciatica). Dr. Kile did an adjustment, laser treatment and other treatments. When I left the office the pain had lessened, and within 3 hours the pain was gone.
That was January 3, 2008. I have had flair ups from time to time, but nothing close to that day. Sandra Edmond 3/7/11

Before I came to see Dr. Kile, I had constant neck pain. Stiffness and soreness into midback. After first adjustment, had some soreness; but had a 90-95 % improvement in pain. And virtually all stiffness relieved.
Bradley J Moore 7/14/2011

Before coming to see Dr. Kile I had constant lower back pain. I spent most of time lying down, I also couldn’t carry a gallon of milk.
After one adjustment I was able to be up and active most of the day. Donald Pierce Wright 3/4/11

This is my second round of body cleansing with Dr. Kile. People who know me only casually know that I am never at a loss for words! I can’t find the words to describe how amazing this truly is! I am at end stage renal failure. I was told to go on Dialysis two years ago. I elected not to do this as I felt that my body with all my other medical problems could not withstand that procedure. This procedure cleans the toxins out of my body without breaking the skin. When I am taking these treatments I have the strength and energy that I have not felt in years!
As an added bonus, my friends tell me that my skin looks great and even the age spots on my hands have lessened. They tell me I no longer look like death eating a cracker! I no longer feel like death is weighing me down! Janice Varnadore, Oak Ridge, TN

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Dr. Kile’s Story

I was fortunate enough to be raised on a dairy farm where we grew most of our own food. There was an abundance of delicious well water and we drank plenty of it! My mom was a great cook and we enjoyed three healthy meals every day. In those days, a Coke and a bag of peanuts was a real treat - it certainly wasn’t our daily fare. I was in high school before I ever had pizza, and our only fast food was a burger from the A & W Drive-in during a few of our visits to Knoxville. Thanks to our normal diet of healthy, home cooked food, good clean air, good water and exercise, I was always very healthy. It wasn’t until I went off to college that my daily diet changed to the convenience of fast food, sandwiches and all the other ‘popular’ foods.

At twenty-six I graduated from Life Chiropractic College and thought I was invincible. I returned to Tennessee alone, with a six-week-old and a four-year-old, to start a Practice in a new town where I only knew a handful of people. Because I had already passed my national boards, the first thing I had to do was prepare for and take the Tennessee State Board, which at the time was extremely difficult and had a very low pass rate. I was totally unaware of how the stress of all of these factors was affecting my body – even after scoring over a thousand in a stress test which stipulated that a score exceeding five hundred was supposed to result in a severe illness within two years or less! Because I was quite young, and felt great at the time, I paid no attention to the warning signals, and continued my ‘convenience’ diet of fast food and pizza – neglecting healthy vegetables and good lean meat. It wasn’t until ten years later that my stressful lifestyle and poor nutrition finally caught up with me. I developed lymphedema in my right arm and then was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, affecting my hands primarily. My size five fingers suddenly swelled to a size ten. Because this swelling caused extreme pain, I was forced to take Prednisone along with Methotrexate just to be able to bend my fingers. I put on forty pounds in two months twice just to be able to continue working. My doctor finally put me on Embrel to deal with the inflammation, but it had its own set of side effects and I still didn’t feel well.

In 2004, I began searching for answers. At 46 years old, I was facing certain retirement within five years because my health would not allow me to continue practicing. I started taking different classes looking for answers to my health challenges. I tried lots of things which helped a little bit, but it wasn’t until I found Nutrition Response Testing that I started getting my life back. The testing determined that I had multiple food sensitivities which were causing my symptoms. I quit eating wheat, corn, soy and dairy which reduced my inflation markers lower than they had been since my original diagnosis. I feel better than I have in years! My husband is happy to have someone who wants to do things with him rather than come home and want to crash, too tired to do anything after work. So instead of retiring, I now look forward to going to work and sharing this amazing discovery of Nutrition response Testing.

I originally chose Chiropractic to help people restore their health by removing their nerve interference and relieving their pain, which I will continue to do. But now my passion has expanded to restoring health by educating and helping others to correct their diets and ensure they have the appropriate building blocks needed to restore their health to its optimum – and GET THEIR LIFE BACK! It is worth noting that educating parents has the added benefit of preventing many of our common health challenges for their children’s future.

Dear Patients,

Exciting things are happening at the Agape Healing Center formerly known as Kile Chiropractic Center. We have moved back to our original location on the east end of the Oak Ridge Turnpike (a map will be included), and we have expanded our services. In addition to our traditional Chiropractic care, we now offer:
Bio –Cranial adjustments - releases tension in the nervous system without the traditional “popping” which reduces the fear factor.

Body Cleanse- a foot bath that draws toxins out of the body. Good for smokers, those exposed to heavy metals or chemicals, or anyone with toxicity issues who just wants to feel better.

Cold Laser Therapy –the latest treatment in tissue repair, inflammation reduction, and scar rejuvenation. It has been very effective in reducing pain in traumatic injuries. It is also effective for “weekend warrior” pain.

Nutrition ResponseTesting- a new approach to design your personalized nutrition program based on your body’s needs and not the latest fad. Good for those wanting to improve their health by natural means. A method to determine not only the foods you should be eating, but also which supplements you need and which brand will actually work for you.

We no longer fear health care reform, because we are on the path to good health and we invite you to join us. 

May God Bless You On Your Path To Healing